New Beginnings

Welcome to my Ballettaxi blog.  You may wonder how I chose the name “Ballettaxi?”  Well, it is quite simple, really.  I am a hard-working mom of two beautiful girls, ages 9 and 11, who both also happen to be dancers.  I spend many of my evenings and weekends (and weekdays in the summer) driving my girls to and from dance class, dance rehearsal, dance performances, you name it.  I always joke with them that I drive a dance taxi and they think that is quite funny. So when I was creating a Twitter account for my dance connections,  I almost chose “dance taxi” for a name, but I didn’t think it was as catchy.  I thought about it some more and thought of “ballettaxi”and I liked the sound of that better. And as I made more and more connections on

Twitter, I found myself receiving many compliments on my name, and here we are.  So naturally, it seemed an appropriate name for my blog, which will be my space to write about my adventures as a dance mom.

One thing I hope to accomplish with this blog is to shed a positive light on the role of a dance mom (or parent).  A certain TV show and some of the characters on it show us “dance moms” as a bunch of crazy women who push our kids into the spotlight, which is so far from the truth.  The majority of us are (mostly) sane, supportive parents, who shuttle our children to and from everything dance related, help out back stage, sew costumes and cheer them on.

I hope to share my stories, offer tips and advice to newer dance moms, and help make connections throughout the dance world.

I hope to update frequently, but I will tell you it won’t be on a daily basis because I don’t feel like I do my best writing when I try to write everyday. Please be patient as I get this going. I am a fairly experienced blogger but new to this platform and will need to spend my time “warming up” a bit at first.



My daughter putting on her first pair of ballet shoes


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